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Why Rent?

In need of temporary climate-controlled space? Looking to lease or purchase an electric cold storage trailer or container?
Contact us at 972-262-7378,, or request a quote.

Why rent from REST Rentals?

Why rent from REST Rentals?
Companies or governmental agencies needing extra cooler or freezer space for a limited period of time, seasonal overloads that strain existing refrigerated space, new businesses getting started with limited resources for freezer or cooler purchases, or just the need for extra space NOW – these are reasons that past customers have relied on REST Rentals to help solve their cooler or freezer needs.

Who Uses Our Trailers and Containers?

  • air freight companies
  • bakers, wholesale
  • beer and liquor distributors
  • beverage companies
  • candy manufacturers and distributors
  • caterers
  • civic and convention centers
  • dairies
  • deer and wild game processors
  • defense contractors
  • dessert manufacturers
  • florists
  • food distributors and wholesalers
  • fruit and vegetable distributors
  • grocers and grocery chains
  • holiday cheesecake, ham and turkey purveyors
  • hospitals
  • ice companies
  • industrial companies needing refrigerated/freezer space
  • meat packers and processors
  • military bases
  • oriental food manufacturers
  • prisons
  • refrigerated trucking companies
  • refrigeration contractors
  • research and development facilities
  • restaurants
  • school districts
  • taxidermists
  • tortilla and tamale manufacturers
  • among others…

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