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In need of temporary climate-controlled space? Looking to lease or purchase an electric cold storage trailer or container?
Contact us at 972-262-7378,, or request a quote.

Uncertain if you have the proper power?
Call or email us and we will check your power supply (at no charge). In addition, we can recommend a qualified, licensed electrician for any electrical modifications or additions to your electrical system.

We service what we rent
We service what we rent REST Rentals stand ready to respond to any service needs of our customers at a moment's notice as we have been for over 30 years. We do not use outside refrigeration service contractors to repair our equipment, who may or may not be available when trouble occurs; we perform all of our own service, so you can be assured of a timely response and quality, dependable work. If you have a service issue, please contact us.

Transportation to and from your location
Transportation to and from your location We offer delivery and pickup of trailers and containers utilizing independent operators who can deliver or pick up equipment according to the schedule of the customer.

Trailers can be spotted exactly where needed and containers can be set on the ground or parking lot in the specified location as needs dictate. Contact us today!

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