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In need of temporary climate-controlled space? Looking to lease or purchase an electric cold storage trailer or container?
Contact us at 972-262-7378,, or request a quote.

REST Rentals offers affordable and convienent cold storage container rentals. Refrigerated Electric Storage Containers supplied by REST Rentals are either 20 feet or 40 feet in length. Standard electric requirements for containers is 460 volt, 3 phase, with options for 230 volt, 3 phase. We offer 24/7 service and electrical accessories for all our containers. Diesel units are not available. A limited number of 230 volt single phase systems are available. All containers have swing out rear doors and can be set on the ground or a parking area for easy loading and unloading. Temperature capabilities range from 0 degrees F to +60 degrees F. An electric hookup cord is supplied with each container. All you need to get into operation is a RESC, a location to place the container and a source of electric power.

Below are some of the containers that we rent. To view a larger higher quality version, click on the image.

Refrigerated Electric Storage Containters    Refrigerated Electric Storage Containters

Refrigerated Electric Storage Containters    Refrigerated Electric Storage Containters

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