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In need of temporary climate-controlled space? Looking to lease or purchase an electric cold storage trailer or container?
Contact us at 972-262-7378,, or request a quote.

Transformer We have transformers available for rent to supply the correct voltage to trailers or containers if the correct voltage is not available. This accessory is included with a rental and is part of our 24/7 service. For instance, if your power supply is 208 volt, 3 phase, we can supply a boost transformer to increase the supply to 230 volt, 3 phase. If you have a 230 volt, 3 phase power supply and our container requires 460 volt, 3 phase, we can supply a step up transformer to increase the supply to 460 volt, 3 phase.

Electric Hookup Cord
Electric Hookup CordWe will supply an electric cable that will conduct electricity from a source of power to the electric refrigeration unit on a trailer or container. The power cord is properly sized for safe operation of the refrigeration unit and includes a female plug that mates up with the electrical receptacle of the unit and a male plug that connects to the electrical receptacle of the power source. Various length cords are available to suit particular needs.

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